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Photo Editing

We specialize in photo retouching and editing.  If you need experts with creative talent and an artistic ability to design anything your imagination can think of, you have come to the right place.

Looking for a unique gift idea?
In addition to the professional restoration of old or damaged photographs, we also provide customized work such as collages/montages, pop art, background replacements, portrait effects, vignettes, and other special effects that make great gifts. Retouching and glamorization is also available.
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Portrait Correction - Photo Editing - Photo Tricks



You will receive a quote within 48 hours.  Cost will depend on simplicity and complexity of work, every job is unique. Payments can be done through Paypal or cheque.  Most photo retouching and enhancement is between 10 and 20 dollars.  You should receive proofs of the work for review and approval within 2 to 4 business days.  If the work needs to be for next day, extra cost maybe applied.


Contact us for more information at [email protected]

Father’s Day, Mother’s day, Christmas, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary and, of course, Valentine’s Day!…. If you need a gift for that special person, give them one that will touch their heart forever



Common questions from our clients 
I noticed that my horizons are not straight when I take my photos.’
- It is possible to rotate the pictures a bit, until everything was straight with the horizon.
- Any image can be cropped or resized to remove or to concentrate on a given area of a photo.

Sometimes you want to enhance a photo by adjusting the gamma, contrast, and brightness in order to make it more attractive.

If your photo has too much of one given color, this can be rectified with the Histogram. This shows the distribution of red, green and blue pixels in your image as well as its brightness.


‘What is image saturation?’

This unwanted effect appears in a photo especially if it has been scanned.  Scans from traditional films as well as digital pictures often lack saturation – the colors simply look a bit faded. We can dramatically improve by using these tools.

Portrait Correction

We offer high-quality corrections and we improve your portraits (removal of face blemishes, removal of unwanted wrinkles, softening skin tones and removal of unwanted details).

This service includes wrinkle and spot removal, scar removal, wart removal, the removal of bags beneath the eyes, double chin removal, body hair and facial hair removal, tattoo removal, hair color, fresh complexion, youthful look, etc. We can also add all of these on if you're looking for another kind of surprise!


▪ Need a photo for a dating website?
▪ Removal of blemishes?
▪ Employer wants your resume with photo?
▪ Meeting a plastic surgeon and want to show a modified version of yourself?
▪ The skin tone on a portrait is discoloured or red..?
▪ Want to see how you’ll look like if…?




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Photo Editing

We also offer extraction of objects or persons from your photos or image (image isolation or separation of an object from its background).


This service is desired when you need a transparent background, this allows you to publish on a web page or place the image over another background image, etc. This service is useful for ad banner, photomontage, webpage header or poster design, etc.

▪ removal of a person or ad a person in your picture;
▪ unwanted persons in your photo;
▪ tree branch / wires / dog or animal etc;
▪ your finger spoils your shot or a joker made rabbit ears while taking the shot;
▪ you want to create a photomontage;
▪ was a cloudy day and you want it to be a bright sunny day on your picture;
▪ ad an object to a photo, a plane for example.


You may also request that a color photo be changed to black and white.  There really isn’t anything that can not be done.  If your imagination can create it, so can we.  We are as good as your imagination.




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Photo Tricks

Here is a service that can be a lot of fun for any event. We can prepare a slide show by adding some very exclusive pictures. Here are some great examples of family members with celebrity or political figures.  XXX


Of course they weren’t actually there however we had the crowd laughing in hysteria.  Just let us know who their favorite artist, talk show host or their hobbies are and we will trick a picture that will surprise and add that special humoristic touch. Any idea can be realized, just let us know what it is you want.




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