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Even the biggest success starts with a first step

Hourly or Weekly Rates

  • Contrary to many others, ImageEtc…™ doesn't require a monthly retaining fee for its services put has only an hourly or weekly fixed rate determined by the type of project. We account for costs by 15 minutes periods. If you only need 15 minutes of our time, that's all you will have to pay.


Usually, half the estimated cost is billed at the beginning of the project once the contract is set and the rest is paid out once the work is completed, unless agreed otherwise. Other costs assumed by the clients include: postal fees, long distance calls, photocopying, cost for ads in newspaper, magazines, on radio or television, etc.


Consulting Capabilities

  • Print ads
    Annual report
    Article for newspaper or magazine
    Corporate / historical profile
    Direct distribution for marketing purposes
    Mail distribution
    Animated Slideshow - Power PT
    Press conference
    Promotional leaflet
    Instruction manual
    Pay check insert
    Radio ads
    Sales letter
    Training documentation
    Web Pages - Ads
    Launches - openings, inaugurations
    Coordination of media or public relations events

    Creative Document Production
  • Data Entry & Database Management
  • Internet Research
  • Marketing Support
  • Meeting Planning
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Document & Report Formatting
  • Special Project Coordination
  • Word Processing & Spreadsheets





All About Consulting

ImageEtc relieves the small business owner of the extra long hours, the stress and the frustration that goes with managing part time help. We provide the results you need without the corresponding increase to fixed overhead expenses.

Recognizing the needs within a small business, ImageEtc addresses the “growing pains” suffered by all growing companies. In today's world, many small businesses are without sufficient administrative staff services to manage profitable growth. The alternatives pursued are either extra work hours for the owner or, often, part time inexperienced personnel. We have the “been there – done that” background that a small business cannot justify, nor afford, on their payroll. 




Corporate Event Planning

In today’s business world, meetings, presentations and conferences are all part of a normal work schedule. Administrative Consultants has the expertise to organize, manage and oversee your corporate events.




  • Venue Research & Selection
    Speaker Research & Selection
  • Organize and Oversee Vendors
  • Create & Distribute Press Kits
  • Prepare Literature & Promotional Materials
  • Market Event
  • Organize Registrants
  • Survey Attendees Post Event