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Public Relations

  • ImageEtc…™ … can act as a public relations firm and provide a number of specialized communication services. From branding development to speech writing and media training, there are many services we can offer.

    You can also find more information on our services, rate sheets, typical types of projects, etc. ImageEtc…™  also has extensive experience in preparing communication plans, promotional campaigns, speech and annual report, production of printed and electronic promotional material, newsletters, visibility campaign and branding initiatives. Please do not hesitate to communicate with ImageEtc…™  to discuss our level of experience – [email protected]

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Integrate powerful audio visual systems into corporate venues like meeting & training rooms, boardrooms and lobbies.


From full video productions to videoconferencing, SMART board, and promethean board technology, see how state-of-the-art technology adds value to your meetings and presentations.


Combining video with voice and text applications to create multimedia services is an important development in the worldwide communications marketplace.

Business Communications

Business communication services are the heart of any business. Without good communication, a business will fail--whether it's communication between employees, with customers, or business to business. If your company doesn't employ the most up-to-date communication methods, you risk falling behind the competitive pack, and this can translate into corporate failure.

Basically, everything in business comes down to communication. Enhancing your employees’ ability to communicate and collaborate across the enterprise, with quick and easy access to the information and resources they need, can differentiate your business. Our portfolio of advanced communications services can link the right parties with the right information for a more agile, collaborative enterprise.

About Us

ImageEtc…™ is an information services company comprising of a team of customer-oriented individuals possessing the expertise essential in developing professional strategies to meet their clients’ needs in the field of advertising, public relations, communications, web development, photography, photo editing, photo retouching, and fine art.


BTC Worldwide
We needed help to project a fully bilingual image. Thanks to ImageEtc, we are now reaching out to our French language clients. This was crucial to the success of our mission in Canada.